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Concept Stage

The concept stage of a company is the early, developmental stage. During this stage, you have an idea and are exploring the feasibility of building on that idea. Likely you have “proof of concept,” but may not have any revenue. You are likely still working through questions such as determining how to build the product or deliver the service, identifying your customers and competitors, distributors and possible partners. Companies that are “in the market” already, but are not yet ready for investment are also welcome to compete. The concept competition is only eligible to Douglas and Coos County businesses.

Launch Stage

A launch stage company would typically have all of the following items in place: seed or initial funding raised, proof of concept and market established. In most industries, some revenue or evidence of customer’s willingness to pay is likely needed. Company owners must be interested in equity investment and interested in company growth.

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Comfort Feed

Comfort Feed was developed by Erika Maritz who worked as a Radiation Therapist for 14 years at the Community Cancer Center. She noticed a need for patients who had feeding tubes and struggled to manage them. After years of giving them to patients and modifying it based on patient feedback, Erika now presents to this patient population a feeding tube holder to meet the needs of these people in a comfortable and efficient manner through her company Oregon Medical Solutions, LLC.


Bluebird Cupcakery

Bluebird Cupcakery specializes in cupcakes and cakes for every occasion. Fun, exciting, and unique cakes inspired by your vision and created to your liking. We are bakery and business licensed here in Douglas County and use a licensed kitchen as well as owner Melinda King's home to bake from. With the $5,000 we will get our cupcake trailer mobile and be able to participate in food truck events as well as have a permanent place for clients to pick up their orders daily! Bluebird Cupcakery is an established business that needs a mobile unit to service our customers and attract new clientele.


Next Level Fitness Training

Andrea Bowden is Founder and Operator of Next Level Fitness Training, a Small Group Personal Fitness Training Gym that uses Obstacle Course Race Training to move people toward Better. Andrea has been a fitness trainer for more than 30 years, and is an elite-level obstacle course racer. The grant she receives will be used toward more obstacle course race equipment that will be used in her gym.


Sugar Mama's

Cara Otis is a wife, mother of four and the owner of Sugar Mama’s. Sugar Mama’s is a dessert and café bar set in a rustic vintage food trailer. Making gourmet fudge and other delicious desserts is what Cara enjoys while also being able to help financially contribute to her family. She decided to turn her baking into a business and will be opening her dessert bar this summer 2018. She will use the $5,000 prize money to buy the rest of the commercial kitchen equipment needed to open her food trailer.



Vertu is a concept startup for a 3D scanning and printing service. Specializing in 3D selfies and 3D color printing, it provides access to the the many applications of this technology for the average person. Drew Lantrip studied classical oil painting and art history at the Florence Academy of Art. He practices traditional art as well as 3D modeling. Grants funds would be used to help launch Vertu by enabling the purchase of a 3D printer and equipment necessary for building 3D scanner.

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North Bend, OR

Used Drone Consignment Company that uses FAA Licensed technicians to inspect and verify the customers' drones are airworthy before offered for sale.

DRONEFAX is a technology recycler.  The consignment website provides an inspection of used drones that ensures the airworthiness by an inspection process similar to that used on a FAA aircraft.  The inspector of these drones is a FAA licensed mechanic who examines each drone sent to DRONEFAX.  Once inspected the DRONEFAX drones are then placed on a website for sale.  The fees are 20% of the sales price and $59.95 for the inspection.



Grants Pass, OR

APIS provides high density networks of low-cost air pollution sensors to smart cities, industrial facilities, and regulatory agencies throughout the world.

Apis is an air pollution and emissions monitoring company.  We measure the health and safety of our environment by building, installing, and maintaining networks of small, affordable, air monitoring stations.  We sell our data using a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) subscription based business model.  Our customers are industrial facilities, regulatory agencies, concerned citizens, and city managers throughout the world. Within the next 5 years APIS’s plans to become the leading supplier of air quality data to cities, industrial facilities, and regulatory agencies around the world, and to make that information available to anyone who wants or needs it.


Simple Screens

Roseburg, OR

Simple screens is developing a web application for medical and dental clinics to improve the patient intake process and streamline patient questionnaires.

Simple Screens develops and sells a digital screening system to improve the patient intake process. The specialized web application system is used in primary care medical and dental clinics to gather patient information. Gathering this information helps clinics satisfy various metrics thereby improving overall patient care and aiding monetary reimbursement. Using our tablet web application helps clinics save staff time and reduce costs.



Roseburg, OR

Atheos Ventures's first product, KlubHub, is a marketing solution designed to connect small businesses with the communities they serve.

KlubHub provides small businesses across the US with an easy, affordable, effective way to share their events, specials, sales, and jobs with their communities and travelers. While KlubHub (the app and website) is available nationally, it will be rolled out through local, chamber of commerce-type websites, starting with  Annual revenues are projected to top $18M by the end of year 3.

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