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Say hello to the 2017 Winners


Simple Screens

Launch Phase Winner

Simple screens is developing a web application for medical and dental clinics to improve the patient intake process and streamline patient questionnaires.

Simple Screens develops and sells a digital screening system to improve the patient intake process. The specialized web application system is used in primary care medical and dental clinics to gather patient information. Gathering this information helps clinics satisfy various metrics thereby improving overall patient care and aiding monetary reimbursement. Using our tablet web application helps clinics save staff time and reduce costs.


Comfort Feed

Concept Winner

Comfort Feed was developed by Erika Maritz who worked as a Radiation Therapist for 14 years at the Community Cancer Center. She noticed a need for patients who had feeding tubes and struggled to manage them. After years of giving them to patients and modifying it based on patient feedback, Erika now presents to this patient population a feeding tube holder to meet the needs of these people in a comfortable and efficient manner through her company Oregon Medical Solutions, LLC.


Bluebird Cupcakery

Concept Second Place

Bluebird Cupcakery specializes in cupcakes and cakes for every occasion. Fun, exciting, and unique cakes inspired by your vision and created to your liking. We are bakery and business licensed here in Douglas County and use a licensed kitchen as well as owner Melinda King's home to bake from. With the $5,000 we will get our cupcake trailer mobile and be able to participate in food truck events as well as have a permanent place for clients to pick up their orders daily! Bluebird Cupcakery is an established business that needs a mobile unit to service our customers and attract new clientele.

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