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Fostering a better environment for Entrepreneurship in Douglas County.

Concept Stage

The concept stage of a company is the early, developmental stage. During this stage, you have an idea and are exploring the feasibility of building on that idea. Likely you have “proof of concept,” but may not have any revenue. You are likely still working through questions such as determining how to build the product or deliver the service, identifying your customers and competitors, distributors and possible partners. Companies that are “in the market” already, but are not yet ready for investment are also welcome to compete. The concept competition is only eligible to Douglas and Coos County businesses.

Launch Stage

A launch stage company would typically have all of the following items in place: seed or initial funding raised, proof of concept and market established. In most industries, some revenue or evidence of customer’s willingness to pay is likely needed. Company owners must be interested in equity investment and interested in company growth.

Attend Douglas County's only investor conference!

Experience a spectacular event, a full day of businesses pitching their ideas, and be a part of the voting process to help determine capital funding for concept businesses!

Past Winners

Since 2013, RAIN investors have injected over $600,000 of capital infusion to Oregon businesses and local startups. Here are a few of the past conference winners to receive capital.


Homeschool Outer Wear

Portland based outdoor apparel company


SCOUT Military Discounts

An app development company dedicated to improving veteran lives


HoneyComb Corp

A development company improving agriculture technology with drones.

Amplion Logo- 640×300


Researching biomarker trends to identify targets for new IVD and RUO products.